Project Headstone

What is Project Headstone?.

Tracing the family tree is an adventure, sometimes we travel 100's of kilometres to photograph the final resting places of our family members. You can imagine the heartbreak one feels, when you discover that the persons headstone has been broken due to wear and tear or even a worse fate, that it has been vandalised. Then there are the graves with no markers, either due to the original marker being removed or the grave never having one. One grave in particular comes to mind.

Originally a wooden cross marked the grave of Jean Humphries. Jean was the daughter of Irene Humphries nee Marsh, Jean passed away in 1946 at 16 years of age and was interred at Rookwood Cemetery. A simple wooden cross was made by a family member to mark her final resting place, however, the wooden cross that marked her grave was removed by the management of Rookwood Cemetery. Irene replaced it but as soon as she did, the cross was removed. This act was repeated throughout the years, Irene would place the cross on Jean's grave and the management would remove it.

With the support of the management of the various cemetries, Project Headstone aims to repair, replace or erect headstones for our loved ones final resting places. If you would like to make a donation to assist our project, please click on the PayPal button in the left hand column. If you would like to nominate a family members grave to be marked or know of a grave that is in need of repair, please use the Contact Us button in the top menu to contact Project Headstone.

If you would like to make a donation to Project Headstone, just click on the PayPal button.

Fittingly Jean's will be the first grave that Project Headstone attends to.

Below is a table of known graves in need of attention.

Name Cemetery Proposed Project
Jean Elizabeth Humphries Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, NSW Erect Headstone
Hector Fred Lord Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, NSW Erect Headstone
Mary Ann Humphries Spring Valley Cemetery, Spring Valley, NSW Repair Headstone
George Humphries St Patricks Cemetery, Kenmore, NSW Repair/Replace
Emily Benson Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle, NSW Erect Headstone
James Houston Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, NSW Erect Headstone
Joseph Houston Rookwood Cemetery, Lidcombe, NSW Erect Headstone
William Lord Melbourne General Cemetery, Melbourne, Vic. Erect Headstone