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From Blighty to Baghdad or the Smith - Lincoln Genealogy page started as a project after my daughter Jacqueline was born. It honours both her maternal and paternal families, most of whom originated in the United Kingdom, hence the Blighty part of the sites title.

The site is also dedicated to my Great Uncle, William Henry Lord, who, with his twin brother Hector, enlisted with the Australian Flying Corps early in the Great War. William and Hector were posted to Mesopotamia as members of the Half Flight, where William would eventually be captured at the fall of Kut al Amara. The survivors of the siege, many of whom were in poor health, were forced by their Turkish captors to march 500 miles into captivity. Of the 11,800 men who left Kut al Amara with their captors on 6 May 1916, 4,250 died either on their way to captivity or in the camps that awaited them at the journey's end.

William survived this "death march" only to die of dysentery while building a rail link for the Turks through the Tarsus Mountains. He now rests in the Baghdad North Gate Cemetery. July 23rd, 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of his death.

Andrew Smith DipFamHist (UTAS)

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